Haruna Kawanishi

1998 - 2002 Nihon University College of Art, bachelor's degree in broadcasting
2013 Dec 27th - Jan 16th:TOKYO-GA meets DAIKANYAMA presented by Time Out Tokyo at DAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS
Nov 6th - Nov 30th:Solo show called "making map" at anamesa art space as a part of the Athen Photo Festival satellite program.
Feb 13th - 19th : TOKYO-GA meets OSAKA 2013, Umeda Hankyu department store art stage
2012 June 3rd - June 26th : Collection of Gallery Entre Deux (Tokyo, Japan)
May 16th - May 20th : TOKYO-GA meets NYPH 2012, New York Photo Festival (New York, U.S.A)
May 13th - June 3rd : Internasjonal Fotografiutstilling, Sunnhordland museum (Halsnøy Kloster, Norway)
March 12th - March 26th : Yokohama Rendez-vous Project, SLOW LABEL -THE FACTORY- (Yokohama, Japan)
February 4th - March 31st : "Tokyo-Ga" GALLERY 21 (Tokyo, Japan)
2011 November 7th - December 4th : GALLERY 21 bis (Tokyo, Japan)
October 22nd : Talk session for photography exhibition "Tokyo-Ga" at Tokyo midtown FUJIFILM (Tokyo, Japan)
September 23rd - 25th : TOKYO PHOTO (Tokyo, Japan)
July 7th - August 17th : Alpilles-Provence'art (St.Remy, France)
June 3rd - August 26th : "BREEZELESS" Sous Les Etoiles Gallery (New York, U.S.A)
2010 December 1st - 19th : "10 selected up and comping artists by PHaTPHOTO" 72 Gallery in the TOKYO INSTITUTE of PHOTOGRAPHY (Tokyo, Japan)
September 17th - 20th : TOKYO PHOTO (Tokyo, Japan)
September 7th - October 17th : "Power of Photography" GALLERY21(Tokyo, Japan)
July 8th - 13th : Alpilles-Provence'art (St.Remy, France)
2009 September 1st - November 8th : GALLERY 21 (Tokyo, Japan)
September 1st - November 8th : GALLERY 21 bis (Tokyo, Japan)
September 1st - 6th : TOKYO PHOTO (Tokyo, Japan)
April 18th : Yoyogiuehara, Shichoushitsu (Japan)
2008 June13th - August 24th : Promenades Photographiques (Vandome, France)
Film Activity
2011 Screened "Invalid address" at the San Gio Video festival (Italy) and be on the jury at their film competition
2009 Wrote screenplay for the independent film "Invalid address" (Japan)
Competitor for the Hakodate-Illumination film festival
2007 Wrote original story for the independent film "Small tower" (Japan)
Competitor for the Hakodate-Illumination film festival
2005 Writer for the theatrical film "Summer memories" (Japan)
2002 Produced and starring actor on the independent film, "While you sleep" (UK)
Showed in following Film Festivals:
 59th Venice International Film Festival (Italy)
 Institute of contemporary artsuncut (London)
 Bilbao International festival of documentary and short films (Spain)
 Poitiers international festival of film schools (France)
 Creteil International Women's film Festival (France)
 Seoul INternational Women's Film Festival (Korea)
 Singapore International Film Festival (Singapore)
 Pusan Asian Shor Film Festival (Korea)
 Morbegno film festival (Italy)
 Hawaii International Film Festival (U.S.A.)
 TV12 Arts Central (Singapore)
 Short Cuts "The Sucstation & Singapore History" (Singapore)
 Singapore Short Films "The Arts House" (Singapore)
2011 International Photography Awards 2011 - Honorable Mention (Los Angeles, U.S.A.)
2010 13th Yasujiro Ozu memorial tateshina film festival nomination for the independent film "Invalid address" (Tateshina, Japan)
International Photography Awards 2010 - Honorable Mention (Los Angeles, U.S.A.)
2009 International Photography Awards 2009 - Honorable Mention (Los Angeles, U.S.A.)
2008 Nasu film award nomination for the independent film "Small tower" (Nasu, Japan)
2006 Photography award wining by Kimono week in Hagi (Yamaguchi, Japan)
Grant / Residency
2011 2011 June 20th - July 11th : Sunnhordland museum Artist-in-residence program supported by Japan Foundation (Halsnoy Kloster, Norway)

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